Company Introduction


Energy Pars Strategic Development Co is a knowledge-based company which has stepped into industrial arena since 2003 by establishing one industrial unit. Due to the fact that the production of any quality product from conceptualization to production is only possible through a quality-oriented system and proper resource utilization, hence Energy Pars, with the aim of being strategically responsive to the industrial demand of the country and globe, has been dedicated to holding an advanced research, engineering and industrial organization, with particular emphasis on attracting genius and talented individuals and employing experts. The most important outcome of this inspiration would be proper utilization of national resources into competitive quality products. In this regard, the management decided to equip and launch a comprehensive research and engineering center in 2009 including departments namely Mechanics, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Electronics & Telecommunication, Robotics and Industrial Automation, Software & Network, Polymer, Nanotechnology and Non-Destructive Testing. Moreover, at the beginning of 2010, specialty labs of the research department including Metallurgy laboratory, Rubber & Plastic laboratory, Paint & Coating, Quality Control laboratory, as well as dedicated Gas Meter laboratory were inaugurated. Possessing all this, Energy Pars now is competent to design and produce advanced metering products as well as implementing monitoring projects related to oil, gas, petrochemical and renewable energies. In recognition of the company is the design and fabrication of the first Smart Gas Meter with native technology, as one of the few holders of this technology in the world. With regard to the new capacity of international commerce gained for the company as a by-product, general trading was added to the company’s agenda in 2015 to maximize its benefits and efficiency.